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Arcy s caves at XVIII th and XIX th Centuries and the progressive setting up of a scientific thinking about caves - PDF
Gertrude Stein. The Making of Americans Being a History of a Family's Progress
Reconstitution de l'histoire paraglaciaire d'une marge glaciaire face aux changements climatiques : le cas du glacier Baron au Spitsberg (Paraglacial history of a glacial margin facing global change : the Baronbreen case study, Spitsbergen)
La tradition géographique [Livingstone David (1992). The Geographical Tradition. Episodes in the History of a Contested Enterprise. Oxford : Black- well]
History of a Hundred years of pharmaceutical education in Japan
Michael Aris Bhutan, the early History of a Himalayan Kingdom
Morton W. Bloomfield. The seven Deadly Sins. An introduction to the history of a religious concept, with a special reference to medieval English literature
Peter Razzell, Edward Jenner's cowpox vaccine : the history of a medical myth
Stanley Goldberg, Understanding Relativity : Origin and impact of a Scientific Revolution (Boston-Basel-Stuttgart : Birkhäuser, 1984)
Mihail Zahariade, Scythia minor. A History of a Later Roman Province (284-681), 2006
Gordon Macdonald Kirkwood, Early Greek Monody. The History of a Poetic Type
Arnold J. Toynbee, Hellenism. The History of a Civilization
H. K. Jones, Butterworths. History of a Publishing House
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