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Contamination métallique de l eau et du sédiment d Oued Bouhamra. Metal contamination of water and sediment from Wadi Bouhamra - PDF
Summary, analyses and lines of action - PDF
G.T.S. - Grinding Technologies and Systems srl Crée en juin 1994 G.T.S. nouvelle unité locale d assemblage, d essai de broyage, tests et analyses - PDF
Life cycle assessment of light sources Case studies and review of the analyses - PDF
Spatial and temporal variability of discharge and sediment yield in small loess-covered catchments/Variabilité spatio-temporelle des débits et de la charge sédimentaire dans de petits bassins versants lœssiques
Courants et transports sédimentaires dans la zone littorale : le rôle des courants orbitaux et de downwelling / Currents and sediment transport in the coastal zone: the role of orbital and downwelling currents
Recherches sur l'origine et la production de la charge en suspension (Methods of investigation of the relationships between sediment sources and sediment yields)
Le transport des matériaux dans les cours d'eau: Bogen J., Walling D.E & Day T. Eds, Erosion and Sediment Transport Monitoring Programmes in River Basins
Herding and agricultural activities at the early neolithic site of Ayn Abu Nukhayla (Wadi Rum, Jordan). The results of phytolith and spherulite analyses
Reconstructing Mesopotamian Exchange Networks in the 4th Millennium BC : Geochemical and Archaeological Analyses of Bitumen Artifacts from Hacinebi Tepe, Turkey
K. J. Hopt et G. Teubner (sous dir.), Corporate Governance and Directors' Liabilities. Legal, Economie and Sociological Analyses on Corporate Social Responsibility
K. J. Hopt (sous dir.), European Merger Control et Groups of Companies in European Laws (Légal and Economie Analyses of Multinational Entreprises), vol. Ietll
Laboratory of Demographic and Social Analyses
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